All about Panties

Not only the nice dress but also female underwear can exert influence and change any woman. However, not every woman knowledgeable about variety and types of panties, therefore they are limited in choice and personal preferences. A wide assortment of panties can help you to find excellent variants especially for you.
Panties, that completely cover thighs to the knee. Made of thin, flexible or stretch fabric. They can be close, loose, jointless, warmth-keeping, tight-fitting and many others.

The most popular and comfortable model for everyday wear. Distinguishing features of slips are the cut in the middle of thigh, fully covered buttocks and usual rubber-band on the waist or hips.
Boxers, shorts.
These panties look like very short shorts; they can be close or loose. Made of cotton, laces, satin and other materials.
Front and rear parts of these panties are tied by rubber-bands or cloth stripes. They can cover hips either completely or partially. Rubber-band can be on the waist or hips.
The most famous type of panties, consisting of small triangles with strings. They are invisible under skintight dresses, pants or skirts, so this fact makes them very convenient.
One of the variety of slips. But this kind of panties has high cut for the hips. They are usually worn under skirts or dresses with high side slit.
Very popular and incredibly sexual model of panties. This type represents combination of shorts and thongs. Thanks to the wide inset, they perfectly correct figure.
One more kind of slips with low cut for hips. Visually they make hips wider, and silhouette feminine and seducing.
This type of panties is designed for special occasions, when you want to look especially feminine, attractive and sexy. Front and rear parts are almost equal – they are maximum gaunt and narrowed to the top.
Panties, consisting of two triangles, tied by laces, rubber-bands or cloth stripes.
Feminine and sexual panties. Front part is made in the shape of triangle, and rear part covers buttocks in half. These panties can have either narrow or wide rubber-band.